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#MenardAsiaSeries in Ground Consolidation – Soil Condition on Prefabricated Vertical Drain Project

Menard Asia uses state-of-the-art Prefabricated Vertical Drain (PVD) designed with high water flow capacity, high-resistance filtration properties and durable construction.

27 September 2021|NEWS, Non classé, Prefabricated Vertical Drain, Project|

#MenardAsiaSeries in Ground Consolidation – Prefabricated Vertical Drain

Prefabricated Vertical Drain technology is closely related to the consolidation process. Often applied with the surcharge fill, it is one of the most reliable and certainly the most economical ground improvement method to treat soft cohesive soils.

3 September 2021|NEWS, Non classé, Project|

#MenardAsiaSeries in Ground Improvement – Soil Condition on Controlled Modulus Column (CMC) Project

CMC is a technology that is suitable for all types of soil conditions, but its economic benefit shines when applied to soft or medium soils, which are most often compressible clay, silt or peat.

15 August 2021|NEWS, Non classé, Project|

How do we treat the ground using Stone Columns?

Like most ground improvement techniques, stone columns are used to reduce settlement and increase load-bearing capacity. They also accelerate soil consolidation as a result of the drainage capacity of the granular materials within the columns which act as pore water pressure evacuation points.

22 July 2021|NEWS, Non classé, Project, Stone Columns|

The Application of Prefabricated Vertical Drain for New Coal Yard at Asam – Asam power Plant Indonesia

The use of Prefabricated Vertical Drain (PVD) and Prefabricated Horizontal Draim (PHD) in South Kalimantan,Indonesia to generate ground improvement  by Menard Asia.

Menard Asia in Indonesia – Yogya International Airport

Menard Asia has have treated  421,169 square meters area which is now used as a runway and taxiway at Kulon Progo Airport. The basic principle behind the Dynamic Compaction (DC) technique consists in the transmission of high energy waves in order to improve weak subsoil.

2 June 2021|Dynamic Compaction, Indonesia, NEWS, Project|

Ground Improvement Works for an Industrial Complex in Serendah – Malaysia

Stone Columns #SC are formed with various methods using different equipment depending on the depth and diameter of the columns and the parameters of the soil to be improved. The popularity of this method resulted in its widespread use.

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