Successful Vacuum Consolidation Experience at Cai Mep International Terminal by Menard Asia

Ground Improvement - Vacuum Consolidation- Cai Mep International Terminal

Menard Asia has completed Ground Improvement under the Cai Mep International Terminal in 2010 with Menard Vacuum Consolidation.

Cai Mep International Terminal (CMIT) with area of 40 ha and 600 m berth length is one of the main gateways for exporting and importing cargo in south of Vietnam. Importantly, the challenge during construction was to raise the ground level of CMIT by up to 6 m, considering the foundation soil was soft clay of 35 m deep. Moreover, The stability of the riverbank was also a major concern despite the initial solution was to adopt soil mixing along the riverbank. Therefore, Menard Asia was invited to propose alternative solution for CMIT using Menard Vacuum™ Consolidation. This method was used to treat a 60 m wide by 600 m long area beside the riverbank. Indeed, this allowed for other works to proceed in parallel. On the river side the installation of the piles for the bridge to the quay. In addition, on the container yard the ground treatment using the vertical drain with surcharge method. Not only was the solution more economical, but it also expedited the overall construction.

Menard Vacuum Consolidation developed by Menard in 1980s enable effective use of vacuum pumps to accelerate weak soil compression. Certainly, it is an efficient time-saving consolidation method. It is because the loading and construction can be proceed as early as two weeks after vacuum pumping. The Menard Vacuum™ Consolidation (MVC) method is an atmospheric consolidation system used for preloading soft saturated fine-grained soils (clay, silt, peat). Also, it provides up to an equivalent of 4 m surcharge fill and ensure stability of the side slope of the treatment area. With expertise and vast experience in the technique, Menard Asia completed the project in 9 months with zero incidents.  In conclusion, This modern and efficient container terminal has served direct access to and from Asian countries; Europe and America which can increase trade and economy in Vietnam.

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