Menard Asia views safety as top priority and encourages employees to be entrepreneurs in providing solutions to our clients. At here, we work hard and have fun!


Our conviction is that safety is more than procedures, but relies on behaviour, positive and committed attitude.
Safety is a mindset consisting in planning rather than rushing, stopping works when uneasy and analysing before proceeding. It is about caring for others and for ourselves, simply to come back home safe for our families and loved ones. Every day.

Menard Asia holds safety as its top priority and “zero incident” is our goal. We have a great responsibility to each other to ensure that everyone makes it home safely every day. How do we do keep that priority? Everyone participates, or “Steps Up”, by embracing our values, taking part in trainings and offering opinions openly.


At Menard Asia, we believe good work is closely linked with a good ambiance at work. And because we spend most of our time at work, better have some fun doing it! The principles we believe in, in terms of management, are those of Servant Leadership, by which each manager is focused on serving his team. We foster pragmatic behaviour based on accountability, empowerment and transparency. If you wish to join our teams and work with passion and fun, apply directly to the Business Unit corresponding to the country you want to work in.


When introduced to a project, we will have a lot of questions before giving any answer. This is simply because we want to understand the needs of the project to develop a tailor-made solution, not just filling a bill of quantities. Ultimately, we will contract on turnkey basis, guaranteeing technical specs.