Our Group is built on the ability of our founders to transcend traditional construction methods. We continue to think outside the box – our clients expect that of us.

Message from Our Regional Director

“We have a long-time relationship with Asia. Our first job in the region was back in 1977, for the stabilisation of the second runway of Changi Airport in Singapore. An iconic one as it was one of the first major project outside France. We then established our basis in Malaysia in the mid-80s and have, since then, developed our presence in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand. A true success story that we intend to pursue in the region. We are proud to follow our group ethos of being deeply focused on our local markets while providing the benefits of being one of the world leaders in our field of expertise.

Menard Asia’s ambition is to set the standard for ground improvement throughout Asia. To do so, we rely on 3 pillars rooted in our DNA: Safety, our first priority which guides all the decisions we make at any levels and on any subjects. Fun, we work hard and have fun. Entrepreneurship, by being a solution provider, we continuously think outside the box and our clients expect that of us.”

Olivier Bechet

Regional Director, Menard Asia


From design to construction, Menard proposes and implements innovative foundation solutions based on high-performance ground improvement and reinforcement techniques.


Applications & Techniques

A wide range of ground improvement solutions for the benefit of your project. Our geotechnical experts and broad range of techniques tailored made for our clients, make us a strong and reliable partner. It guarantees that you will get the best suited solution to handle your ground engineering challenges.

Menard delivers the full range of ground improvement techniques to provide effective and innovative solutions for its clients. Our teams design, build and refurbish all types of road, airport, railway, marine, inland waterway, hydraulic, commercial, industrial and energy infrastructure.

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Menard is organised in 7 regions worldwide, our target being to serve the local market in each of those regions through our deep local presence. That local presence is backed by Menard global expertise addressing major projects in those regions together with projects outside of our permanent bases. Contact our local team for further information.

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