Menard Indonesia Participated at PIT HATTI 2022

Menard Indonesia Participated at PIT HATTI 2022

From left to right : Richard Ong (Regional Technical Director), Viqri Trestyawan (Sr. Geotechnical Engineer), Mathias Kaminski (Country Director for Indonesia), Olivier Bechet (Regional Director for SEA and Bangladesh), Shavira Hanza (Communication), Roy (Technical Manager for Indonesia), Ulfah Musyfah (Geotechnical Engineer)

Menard Indonesia in PIT HATTI 2022

Menard Asia participated in the Annual National Conference 26th PIT HATTI on 8-9 November 2022. It is the first-time geotechnical conference after 2 years of the pandemic in Indonesia. For two days, our Regional Director Olivier Bechet, Regional Technical Director Richard Ong, and Country Director for Indonesia Mathias Kaminski visited PIT HATTI 2022 to discuss ground improvement with the participants.

About the event

PIT HATTI is the biggest event for geotechnical experts in Indonesia which includes seminars, science competitions, and exhibitions. As reported by HATTI, this event was attended by more than 500 participants and featured high-end keynote speakers:

Prof. Widjojo Adi Prakoso, Ph.D. (HATTI President)

Dr. Marc Ballouz (ISSMGE President)

Ir. Davy Sukamta (Davy Sukamta & Patners)

Prof. Kenichi Soga (University of California, Berkeley)

Prof. Kuo-Hsin Yang (National Taiwan University)

Prof. Paulus Pramono Rahardjo, Ph.D (Parahyangan Catholic University)

Prof. Richard Jardine (Imperial College London)

Sindhu Rudianto, PE, GE ((PT Geoprima)

Our Participation

PIT HATTI has facilitated the exchange of critical knowledge and present business partnership opportunities for the construction industry. One of the highlights of this event was Menard Asia’s involvement in sharing knowledge with participants about the latest cutting-edge technology. Viqri Fahmi (Sr. Geotechnical Engineer) was presenting at a technical session about the benefits of using Controlled Modulus Columns for the construction of warehouses, data centers, industrial buildings, and housing. Menard Asia’s Controlled Modulus Columns (CMCs) offer you faster installation, cost efficiency, solutions for various types of soil, and less spoil during installation rather than a bored pile.

If you are interested to discuss about ground improvement for the construction of warehouses, data centers, industrial buildings and housing do not hesitate to contact us at

Menard Asia is a specialist geotechnical EPC contractor offering ground improvement and remediation works in Malaysia , Indonesia , Vietnam, Singapore, Bangladesh, CambodiaPhilippinesThailand and other South-East Asia Countries

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