Ground Improvement using CMC at Techo International Airport’s Cargo Terminal

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Using Controlled Modulus Column (CMC), Menard Cambodia – MGS Soil Treatment Successfully Completes Soil Improvement Project for Techo International Airport’s New Cargo Terminal Building.

The new cargo terminal building, a vital infrastructure for facilitating logistics and commerce, required robust ground support to handle substantial operational loads. The client contacted Menard Cambodia – MGS Soil Treatment to propose soil improvement solutions to address the weak geotechnical properties of the soil at the project site.

The project area presented a significant challenge: weak soil with low bearing capacity. The geotechnical investigation revealed that the soil would struggle to support the load requirements of 30kPa and 50kPa, essential for the terminal’s operations.

The CMC technology was chosen for its proven effectiveness in improving weak soils and controlling settlement under load conditions.

The successful completion of this project underscores Menard’s ability to provide innovative and dependable ground improvement solutions. Through the adoption of CMC, we have reinforced the structural integrity of the airport cargo terminal, bolstering its pivotal role within the region’s aviation network.

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