CMC Rigid Inclusions Eliminate the Use of Deep Foundations for Building Construction in Cambodia 

Menard is proud to showcase our latest project involving the construction of a new 3-story building, spanning about 620 square meters, adjacent to an existing structure. 

This project presented a significant challenge due to the weak geotechnical properties of the subsoil at the planned construction site. Traditionally, such conditions would necessitate the use of deep foundations to guarantee the building’s stability. However, Menard has successfully implemented an innovative and cost-effective solution. 

The subsoil beneath the new construction site was identified as having weak geotechnical properties, which posed a risk to the stability of the new building. Normally, a deep foundation system would be required to ensure that the building could be safely supported. This method, while effective, is often costly and time-consuming. 

Menard’s Solution: Controlled Modulus Columns (CMC) 

Instead of relying on traditional deep foundation techniques, Menard proposed an advanced ground improvement method using Controlled Modulus Columns (CMC) in combination with a shallow foundation system. The use of CMCs provides several key advantages: 

  • Cost Efficiency: By eliminating the need for expensive deep pile foundations, significant cost savings are achieved. 
  • Time Savings: The installation of CMCs is faster than traditional piling methods, accelerating the project timeline. 
  • Stability: The CMCs improve the load-bearing capacity of the soil, ensuring the stability of the new structure. 
  • Reduced Disruption: This method minimizes disruption to the adjacent existing structure and the surrounding environment. 

The innovative approach involved the strategic placement of CMCs beneath the planned construction area. These columns were installed to the required depth to reinforce the weak subsoil, allowing for a stable and secure base for the shallow foundation system. This method eliminated the need for expensive pile foundations and allows the building to be constructed on reinforced ground. 

This project exemplifies Menard’s commitment to delivering tailored and innovative solutions for ground improvement. For more information on how Menard can assist with your ground improvement needs, please contact us. 

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