Regional Director’s visit to Vietnam and Cambodia

Ground Improvement - Regional Director’s visit to Vietnam and Cambodia

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!

The organizational culture at Menard Asia carries the theme #LifeatMenardAsia with which our company aims at creating a good work environment. Menard Asia is committed to creating a safe work environment, innovation, collaboration, transparency, exemplarity, and dialogue.

Our regional director, Olivier Bechet, visited Vietnam in May 2022 to have a dialogue with our local team to support, share, find solutions and seek business opportunities to expand Menard Asia’s businesses.

In Vietnam, up to the present moment, Menard Asia has completed 10 ground improvement projects and we are looking at expanding our business presence, among others in the renewable energy sector.

In Cambodia, a site visit was conducted on the “National Road 5 Fly Over” project in Khan Russei Keo (Phnom Penh District). Olivier Bechet, Julien Devynck (Country Manager, Menard Cambodia), and Ion Iachim (Site Manager, Menard Cambodia) gathered on site with the local team to see the progress of CMC’s production. This project is estimated to be completed soon before the construction of the flyover can continue.

The cooperation that is built within teams will drive progress for every organisation. This is the spirit that we nurture at Menard Asia. As a construction company, it is common for us to work with rotating and diverse teams. It is our commitment to keep our people working closely with all the teams at local and regional levels

Menard Asia is the leading EPC contractor in Asia specializing in ground improvement and soil reinforcement. We have completed hundreds of projects in Asia with a permanent presence for more than 40 years. Currently, Menard Asia is present in: Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand and other South-East Asia Countries.

Menard Asia is a specialist geotechnical EPC contractor offering ground improvement and remediation works in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Bangladesh, CambodiaPhilippines, Thailand and other South-East Asia Countries

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