Port Construction and Ground Improvement

port construction; ground improvement

The Foundation of Infrastructure with Excellent Ground Improvement is Needed in Every Project

The importance of  excellent ground improvement in port construction is essential. This is because of transport industry is vital to sustain the Asia economic growth. Recent increases in freight trade have increased the demand for reliable and efficient transportation infrastructure. Likewise, with the increasing demand for imports and exports from countries in Asia, port infrastructure has become a predominant part. Hence, the infrastructure is one of the backbones to boost the transportation service as it is the gateway for the international trade.

There are many coastal countries of Asia that contain very soft clays (estuarine or marine). Furthermore, this resulted in additional challenges in port construction when dealing with the undesirable geotechnical properties such as low bearing capacity and high compressibility. Consequently, the lateral movements can adversely affect the stability of the infrastructure built by some factors. There two factors : the absence of appropriate ground improvement, and excessive vertical settlement . Thus, Menard Vacuum™ Consolidation can definitely be considered as one of the suitable ground improvement methods for port construction.

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