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Ground Consolidation Prefabricated

Let’s get to know more about Menard Asia’s Prefabricated Vertical Drain #PVD !

Prefabricated Vertical Drain technology is closely related to the consolidation process. Often applied with the surcharge fill, it is one of the most reliable and certainly the most economical ground improvement method to treat soft cohesive soils.

Prefabricated Vertical Drain (PVD) is made of corrugated plastic core covered with geotextile. The width is typically 100 mm and the thickness is ranging from 3 to 5 mm. The installation of PVD is done through a specially constructed mast with a steel mandrel attached to an excavator to push the PVD to the required depth on a grid pattern. PVD increases the apparent mass permeability of the soft soils and thus reduces the consolidation time. It is used in combination with temporary surcharge fill to expedite the primary consolidation as well as induce several decades of secondary consolidation (creep) settlement. The main geotechnical parameters (settlement, pore water pressure, horizontal displacement) are monitored via appropriate instruments throughout the consolidation period to validate the design and ensure safe phasing for the construction of the embankment.

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