These are the advantages of Menard Vacuum Consolidation Method

Menard Vacuum™ Consolidation Method Can be Advantageous!

Menard Vacuum Consolidation developed by Menard in 1980s enable effective use of vacuum pumps to accelerate weak soil compression. It is an efficient time-saving consolidation method; loading and construction can proceed as early as two weeks after vacuum pumping. In fact, the Menard Vacuum Consolidation technology has a wide range of applications from the construction of roads and highways, areas designated for different types of tanks (for liquids, Gas, granular materials) to large spatial areas such as airport terminals, harbour container terminals or power plant. These are the advantages of #MVC Method :


Vacuum pressure from The Menard Vacuum able to replace up to 4 m thick of surcharge fill. Also, the elimination of the horizontal displacements also significantly reduces the quantity of the soil material used for surcharge filling. Therefore, the cost of the road embankment construction is significantly reduced.

Effectiveness in the macro scale

The Menard Vacuum™ technology Consolidation allows for effective. Besides, it is also safe improvement of the subsoil in the area of 50,000 m² and more.

Performance scale.

One of the few techniques of the ground improvement that can be applied for soft soils with a thickness up to 50 m.

Time saving

The Menard Vacuum Consolidation #MVC technology is time saving compared to other consolidation methods. Next stages of the construction works can be implemented after two weeks of vacuum pumping.

Environmentally friendly

The use of the vacuum consolidation technology does not require concrete additions or cement injections.

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