Here is How we do Menard Vacuum Consolidation

Menard Vacuum™ Consolidation

The application of the Menard Vacuum™ Consolidation #MVC method requires initial preparation of the subsoil for entrance of heavy equipment to install the vertical drains. For this purpose, a sand layer with sufficient thickness is formed, which at the same time acts as the working platform and drainage layer. Later, a grid of horizontal drains is installed, which connects vertical drains with the pumping station. Then, geomembrane is placed over the treatment area and anchored into a trench surrounding the treatment area to provide an airtight seal. Finally, the pumps are started to create pressure of 70 kPa to 80 kPa under the geomembrane causing the accelerated isotropic consolidation in the soil mass.

An important point in the process is the installation of the monitoring instruments: observation wells, inclinometers, manometer and datum points. This allows for constant monitoring of the consolidation progress. The pumping process terminates when the planned settlements or required parameters are achieved (e.g., porosity ratio, shear strength). Typically, a vacuum consolidation project would take 6 to 12 months depending on the subsoil properties, required level of improvement, project size, etc.

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