The Application of Menard Asia’s Deep Soil Mixing

The Implementation of DSM

The soil mixing process consists of a mixing tool or auger (single or multiple axis mixing) attached to a drilling rig. Up to four tools can be mounted on a rig at the same time. A binding agent is injected into the compressible soil and blended/mixed with the in-situ soil by the paddles attached to the tool. The binding agent can be delivered in a slurry form (wet method) or as a dry, powder form cementitious material (dry method).

The binding agent is injected through the hollow stem to the base of the tool in either one phase during drilling or in two phases during drilling and withdrawal of the tool. The second option, because of the re-compaction effect during the lifting phase, presents several advantages:

–         Significant increase of the in-situ density and compaction of the soil
–         Improvement of the homogeneity and overall quality of the blending soil/binding agent.

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