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Menard Asia’s Dynamic

The Dynamic replacement is an extension of dynamic compaction

Dynamic replacement #DR is an extension of dynamic compaction to treat highly compressible and weak soils. In this application, the tamping energy drives granular material down into the compressible soils to form large diameter soil reinforcement columns (with diameter around 2 to 3.5 m).

Additional improvement can be obtained in the underlying layers through the transmission of the energy of the weight at depth. This method thus combines advantages from both dynamic compaction and stone columns by creating large-sized dynamic replacement inclusions with high internal shear resistance.

Dynamic replacement columns are formed by dropping a 10 to 35 tons pounders from heights ranging from 10 to 30 m. With this technique, replacement ratios of up to 25% can be achieved. Each dynamic replacement column can support loads of up to about 150 tons.

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