Successful Application of Marine DC/DR for Caisson Foundation in Singapore.

Caisson Foundation

In 2009, Menard has successfully carry-out a combination of marine Dynamic Compaction and marine Dynamic Replacement to support some of the caissons of Pasir Panjang Terminal Phase 3 and 4.

The underlying soft marine clay was dredged to reach a very stiff clay layer at 30 m below water and backfilled with sand to form a sand-key for the foundation of a caisson seawall. Adverse soil softening occurred at the dredge-line between in-situ clay and backfilled sand. Menard Asia was employed to improve the softened clay layer. A specially designed grater shaped marine pounder weighing 38.5 tons was used to drive rock fill into the softened clay and improve its properties, as well as to dynamically compact a rock blanket. The rock columns and compacted rock mat allow the caissons to seat safely at the designed level.

In this project, field calibration was performed to identify the optimal drop height above seabed level to account for kinematic energy lost due to water resistance. See our detail explanation about this project here.

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