Menard Asia in Vietnam has completed the ground improvement work at the SOFE Phases 1 area using Soil Mixing.

Project Overview

EZRA Group, through their Vietnamese fully owned company SOFEL, has acquired a plot of land in Vung Tau city in Vietnam. This plot of land is under development into a shipyard for the construction of barge and repair works for ships to serve the offshore oil industry. As part of this development, a quay is under construction along the sea coast.

Ground Condition

The ground to treat was made of 2 layers:

  • The top layer was a medium silty sand of 6 m thick, with a qc = 5 MPa.
  • The second layer, below, was a very soft clay (with organic content) of 10 m thick, with a qc = 0.4 MPa.

Then, below, is a layer of stiff to very stiff clay.

Menard Solution

Due to important ground displacements, Menard proposed a solution using Soil Mixing to ensure the stability of the platform during the temporary and final stage of the construction of the quay, after dredging phases.

Menard’s solution is to improve the platform stability against the wharf with Soil Mixing double columns on a 100 m platform length, 20 m wide. Those columns have been linked to the sheet piles on-shore and off-shore sides. On site, the treatment consisted of:

  • 52 lines with 21 double columns of 60 cm diameter (20 m length on-shore and 2 m off-shore)
    perpendicular to the shore line with the sheet piles.
  • 2 double line diameter 80 cm (1 on-shore and 1 off-shore) all along the shore line.

Vietnam | 2011

Technique : Soil Mixing

Owner : Saigon Offshore Fabrication Engineering

General Contractor : SOFEL

Main Figures

1.300 Soil Mixing double columns of 60 cm diameter each, up to 16 m length.

The starting elevation of the double columns was varying from 0 to 11.6 m below the platform level.

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