Menard Asia in Vietnam has completed the ground improvement work at the Ia Bang 1 Wind Power Project area using Controlled Modulus Column (CMC).

Ground improvement afternoon

Project Overview

Construction of 12 Wind Turbines foundations namely WTG01 to WTG12 which required soil reinforcement under circular concrete footings (diameter = 22m) being embedded at a depth of 3.7m from the Final Platform Level (including 10cm of blinding concrete).

Ground Condition

Soft to stiff clayey soil with variable depth (between 2.3m to 10.3m below the bottom of foundation level), overlying clayey mixed basalt soil, have been detected in the area.

Menard Solution

Menard’s solution (soil reinforcement by Controlled Modulus Columns (CMC) Rigid Inclusion in combination with a Load Transfer Platform) allows to comply with the design criteria in terms of SLS bearing capacity, dynamic deformation modulus, and subgrade reaction coefficient, for the 12 turbines.

The project helps a reduction of 141,411 tons of CO2/year, contributes to the development of clean and renewable energy attributable to the stable capacity of national power network, in line with the Government policy and international commitment on reduction of green-house gas emission.

Vietnam | 2021

Technique : Prefabricated Vertical Drain (PVD)


General Contractor : Power Construction JSC No. 1

Ground improvement afternoon

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