Menard Asia in Singapore has completed the ground improvement project for Pasir Panjang Container Terminal by combining the Dynamic Compaction technique with Vibrofloatation.

Project Overview

The project consists in the expansion of the new Pasir Panjang Container Terminal in Singapore. Due to the reduced free area in Singapore, this container terminal was to be built on a reclaimed area where the thickness of hydraulic fill to be installed was up to 13 m.

Ground Condition

As a result of reclaimed land, the usual associated potential problems include:

  • Low bearing capacity of the soil for both containers and punctual loads
  • Uncontrolled settlement of the fill under its own weight
  • Uncontrolled settlement of the soil under service load (50kPa uniform load)
  • Liquefaction potential of the soil due to seismicity of the area

The earthquake phenomenon being a critical issue in this part of the world, mitigation of liquefaction was compulsory.

Menard Solution

Menard implemented a combination of techniques including Dynamic Compaction of the upper part of the fill, and Vibrofloatation in the very deep areas of the hydraulic fill.

A total of 1,000,000 m3 of hydraulic fill were improved using specialized Vibroflotation rigs together with specialized Dynamic Compaction cranes.

A geotechnical campaign made of 46 CPTs before the works and 60 CPTs after the works concluded in the very good efficiency of the treatment.

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Singapore 1980-1995

Technique : Vibro Compaction and Dynamic Compaction

Owner : Port of Singapore Authority

General Contractor : ‘KOH BROS. Infrastructure PTE, Ltd

Main Figure

Vibrocompaction : 960.000 m3
Dynamic Compaction : 140.000 m2

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