Menard Asia has developed specific solutions as direct alternative to piles for energy sector such as wind farms, tank farms, power plants, and other related project.

Process and Energy

Industrial plant and equipment consists of special structures that are often very heavy and sensitive. When foundations are built on compressible soils, careful consideration must be taken during design and execution to ensure the safe operation of the plant within the structure.

The most cost-effective foundation solutions generally call for a combination of ground improvement techniques suited to the load and the soil conditions. These solutions make it possible to: – support heavy uniform loads (water, oil and gas storage) – support individual loads (pipeline supports, industrial equipment) – support dynamic loads (oscillations, vibrations, seismic loadings) – reduce absolute and differential settlement of structures. – reduce the risk of soil liquefaction This type of project calls for good knowledge of the constraints and specifications of each structure to be treated with a familiarity with the potential technical issues Which could arise during the various stages of the project from concept to handover.

We ensure the proper development of your Industrial Facilities projects.

The term industrial facilities covers specific facilities such as sewage treatment plants, power plants, refineries, petrochemical plants, storage tanks, etc. These structures are often very heavy and prone to risk. Their foundations in compressible soils is a major challenge to guarantee the safe and secure performance of the plants over time. The most cost-effective foundation system often requires the use of multiple ground improvement techniques to match the variety of soil properties and load conditions. These foundation systems for industrial facilities are normally needed to support uniform heavy loads (water, oil and gas storage tanks) or isolated loads (pipe-racks, industrial buildings, machinery) and reduce total and differential settlements to within acceptable limits.