Menard Asia provides ground improvement solutions for the construction of ports and airports over compressible soils and/or reclaimed granular fill.

Port and Airport

We ensure the proper development of your Ports and Airports Projects.

The construction of ports and airports would normally be on existing soft compressible soil and/or reclaimed granular fill. For these facilities to be built on highly compressible and saturated soils, our techniques provide economical solutions to consolidate these soils within a reduced timeframe, in order to guarantee minimal residual settlements when the platforms are operational. The main objectives of treating the cohesive soils for ports and airports construction are:

  • To ensure the self-bearing capacity and stability of the fill and existing soils
  • To reduce long term residual settlements.

In the case of construction over reclaimed land from the sea using granular dredged materials or imported fill materials, the challenge is to provide an economical means to improve the characteristics of the large quantities of fill involved in the construction of the platform. The primary objectives of the ground improvement works is to ensure the short-term and long-term stability of the platform. When required, a more intensive improvement can also be carried out to increase the bearing capacity sufficiently to support future facilities and buildings. Eventually, in seismic areas, the risk of liquefaction can be mitigated. The main objectives of treating the granular reclaimed fill are:

  • To ensure the self-bearing capacity and stability of the fill;
  • To increase the bearing capacity;
  • To mitigate the risk of liquefaction (in seismic zones).

Working with the owner, Menard Asia will stipulate the most effective treatment which will increase the bearing capacity under the future structures. Menard Asia’s solutions are able to cater for the whole range of potential soil conditions and natural events, such as in seismic-prone areas anti-liquefaction treatment.