Dynamic Compaction Installation on uncontrolled backfill by Menard enables a more economical foundation system for residential construction.

Project Overview

A residential project which consists of houses and high-rise condominium were to be built on uncontrolled backfill.

Ground Condition

Project soil profile: 10m of Uncontrolled Backfill with Boulders Groundwater Level of 4m below ground level
Project specifications:
– To achieve working load of 150kN/m2 for building footprint.
– To achieve working load of 75kN/m2 for landscape area.

Menard Solution

Dynamic Compaction (DC) was used to compact the uncontrolled backfill to allow the construction of shallow foundation for houses. The 13,347m2 was completed in 42 working days, allowing a more economical foundation system for the residential construction.

Project Information

Malaysia | 2011

Technique: Dynamic Compaction

Application: Buildings

13,347 m2 of Dynamic Compaction

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