Menard Asia in Cambodia has completed the ground improvement project for a Private Villa on Koh Pich Island using Controlled Modulus Column (CMC).

A villa with a basement and four floors is being built. While the initial plan suggested Bored Piles, Menard’s solution used CMC for ground improvement, a tangent pile retaining wall system, and managed pit excavation. Completed in 3 weeks, we optimized time and costs for our client.

Project Overview

The project consists in building one single villa in the city centre of Phnom Penh, in a residential area called ELITE TOWN located on Koh Pich Island. The villa is 25m long by 15m large. Those dimensions are exactly the same than the land on which the project is built. In addition, this villa has 1 level of basement + 4 Floors levels.

Ground Condition

The soil of Koh Pich Island is composed of:

  • 4m of lose sand that have been backfilled in 2010
  • 4m of soft clay
  • 6m of clayed sands
  • Then medium to dense sands

Menard Solution

Initial design consisted in Bored Piles under the Villa and Sheet pile wall along the existing road as soil retaining system.

On this project, Menard proposed a global offer to its client for:

  • Soil improvement with CMC under shallow foundations of the villa
  • Retaining wall system using tangent pile method
  • Pit excavation down to the bottom level of the basement slab

The full package off works has been completed in 3 weeks with 1 team and 1 machine whereas Bored Piles + Sheet piles required a total works period of 6 weeks with 2 different types of equipment.

At the end of the day, our solution allows to our client time savings and costs optimization

Cambodia 2022

Technique : Controlled Modulus Columns

Engineer : VPA Engineering

General Contractor : Circle Group

Main Figure

CMC : 95 Column(s)

Secant/Contiguous piles : 34 Pile(s)

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