#MenardAsiaSeries in Ground Consolidation – Soil Condition on Prefabricated Vertical Drain Project

Ground Consolidation with Prefabricated Vertical Drain Technique

Menard Asia uses state-of-the-art Prefabricated Vertical Drain (PVD) designed with high water flow capacity, high-resistance filtration properties and durable construction. Menard Asia has developed its own fleet of Prefabricated Vertical Drain (PVD) installation equipment to meet a wide variety of soil and site conditions. We use hydraulic rigs to install the Prefabricated Vertical Drain (PVD) and have considerable experience in penetrating difficult surface layers including predrilling through stiff clays and dense sands. The Prefabricated Vertical Drain (PVD) rigs in Menard Asia have maximum installation depth of 50 m but this can be extended if required to meet project needs.

For more information please contact us through regional@menard-asia.com

Menard Asia is a specialist geotechnical EPC contractor offering ground improvement and remediation works in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Bangladesh, CambodiaPhilippines and other South-East Asia Countries.

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