Menard Asia has completed the ground improvement for Gandharbpur Water Treatment Plant in Bangladesh

The construction of the Gandharbpur water treatment plant is an important step towards promoting a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly water supply model for Dhaka, and a vital climate change adaptation project. The water treatment plant will play a key role in ensuring access to safe drinking water for the residents of Dhaka, while also mitigating the impacts of climate change on the city’s water supply.

Project Overview

Menard, a leading geotechnical solutions provider, has successfully completed a project for the Gandharbpur Water Treatment Plant in Bangladesh. Menard Asia provided a cost-effective ground improvement solution using their Deep Soil Mixing (DSM) technology, combined with steel reinforcement to create columns with a depth of 17m to 26m.

Soil Condition

The ground conditions at the site were found to be predominantly composed of silty sand, with occasional layers of silt and clayey soil.

Menard Solution

Menard Asia provided an innovative solution to address the issue of soil liquefaction resulting from seismic activity and improve the deformation properties of the soil for the Gandharbpur water treatment plant project. Deep Soil Mixing (DSM) technology was chosen as the most effective approach during the project documentation stage. DSM involves the mixing of soil with a binder (cement slurry) to enhance the strength properties of the soil. This process results in a solidified mixture of soil and cement that has significantly higher strength and mechanical parameters.

The design requirements specified the use of a single auger with wet method to perform 0.7m diameter DSM columns. In addition, steel reinforcement casings were inserted to resist the induced uplift pressure. The DSM mixing depth ranged from 19m to 28m, with an incorporation ratio of 6.5%. The EV2/EV1 ratio was properly compacted to be less than 2.1, while EV2 was greater than 50Mpa. The access slopes were kept under 10%, and a dewatering system was implemented to prevent flooding.

To execute the DSM work, Menard mobilized 6 drilling rigs, 3 mixing plants, and 120 workers from 9 different nationalities, ensuring that the work was carried out 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. Menard pooled their material and human resources together to complete the project within the dedicated time and budget, resulting in the successful execution of the DSM work.

Overall, Menard Geosystems has established itself as a leader in the ground improvement and geotechnical engineering industry. Its commitment to safety, innovation, and quality has earned it a strong reputation among its clients and partners. The completion of the Gandharbpur Water Treatment Plant in Bangladesh is just one example of the company’s successful track record in delivering effective and sustainable solutions.

Bangladesh 2019 – 2021

Technique : Deep Soil Mixing

Application : Water and Sewage


Owner : DWASA

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