In a vibrant display of unity and camaraderie, Menard Asia’s management team gathered in Indonesia for their annual team building event. From distant corners of Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Bangladesh, and Vietnam, the team converged in Sentul, Bogor, for a memorable experience that transcended borders.


The event serves as a reminder of what can be achieved when individuals come together as one team, united in purpose and driven by ambition, strengthening their objectives and vision for the year ahead.

Under the guidance of Regional Director Olivier Bechet, the team embarked on a journey of collaboration, embracing the spirit of solidarity that defines Menard Asia’s ethos. Joining him were Country Managers: Le Quoc for Vietnam, Fahima Shahadat for Bangladesh, Xiuyuan Liu for Malaysia/Singapore, Mathias Kaminski for Indonesia, along with Director for Cambodia and Vietnam Julien Devynck, Regional Technical Director Richard Ong, Regional Operations Manager Yann Beliard, and Regional Finance Manager Adrien Lecomte each bringing their unique perspective and expertise to the table.