The Advantages of Rapid Impact Compaction for Ground Improvement

The Advantages of Rapid Impact Compaction

Let’s Talk About the Advantages of Menard Asia’s Rapid Impact Compaction!

Despite being a latecomer to the stable of ground improvement via compaction method, Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC) has been gaining popularity over the past years as the go-to method for shallow ground densification. This has to do with some of the advantages that RIC technique brings such as high mobility, suitable for low headroom sites, and limited vibrations generated allowing compaction near to existing structures.

Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC) is performed for liquefaction mitigation, increasing bearing capacity, reducing long-term settlement, and mitigating collapsible voids.

It has gained popularity in the past years due to the advantages it brings:

  • High mobility: the use of the excavator as the equipment unit makes this technology highly mobile and applicable in areas with difficult access.
  • Environmental reclamation: the RIC method can be used on the areas of former landfill sites, abandoned open-pit mines and quarries, and uncompacted dumps.
  • Safety in urban areas: the application of this method is safe to be adopted at minimum 6 m from existing facilities and the level of noise generated is like noise generated by a household vacuum cleaner (90 dBA).
  • Simplicity of implementation: the application of this technology does not require the delivery of materials or additional equipment. The success of the project depends on the proper selection of impact energy.
  • Economy: high efficiency and simplicity makes this technique one of the most economically advantageous methods for improving non-cohesive soils.

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