The Advantages of Dynamic Replacement

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Let’s Talk About The Advantages of Menard Asia’s Dynamic Replacement!

Dynamic replacement (DR) is well adapted to carry substantial loading (up to 150 tons per column) as well as to improve the factor of safety against slope failure under embankments. Dynamic replacement (DR) column shines over stone column for applications in organic soft soils (e.g., peat and organic clays) due to its stocky shape (i.e., low slenderness) that guarantees no bulging of Dynamic replacement (DR) column will occur.

Apart from increasing stability, Dynamic replacement (DR) columns can act as large drainage conduit to accelerate the consolidation process of soft compressible soils. Dynamic replacement (DR) is a highly efficient technique where several hundred square metres of ground can be treated per day using a single machine. It is also an environmentally friendly technology as Dynamic replacement (DR) columns can be formed using recycled material (e.g., concrete rubble, bricks from demolition, etc.)

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