#MenardAsiaSeries in Dynamic Compaction – The Application

Dynamic Compaction

Dynamic compaction (DC) is applicable in any type of granular soils. This technique is particularly well-adapted to non-organic heterogeneous fill, made ground and reclamation areas with variable characteristics, even with the presence of large blocks.

Dynamic compaction has been applied successfully for the construction of industrial warehouses, port and airport platforms, road and railways embankments, heavy storage, tank, etc.

The advantage of Menard Asia’s Dynamic compaction (DC) :
– Well adapted to the treatment of non-organic heterogeneous fill or made ground containing large blocks that can create obstructions for inclusions and columns solutions (e.g., stone columns, rigid inclusions);
– Well adapted to the ground improvement of very large platform due to high production rates (>15,000 m²/rig/month);
– Well adapted and commonly used for liquefaction mitigation;
– Well adapted for ground improvement of landfills, open-pit mines and uncompacted dumps.

For more information about ground improvement, please contact us through regional@menard-asia.com.

Menard Asia is a specialist geotechnical EPC contractor offering ground improvement and remediation works in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Bangladesh, CambodiaPhilippines, Thailand and other South-East Asia Countries

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